Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Uintah Recreation District Hires Cathey - Dan Rodgerson

Neil Cathey has been named

parks superintendent for the

Uintah Recreation District

following a nationwide search.

Cathey, who hails from

Tennessee , has worked

extensively in the parks industry

in his home state and in Florida for

the past 10 years. He is a graduate

of the University of Tennessee

and Penn State University and

a member of the Golf Course

Superintendents Association

of America
and Tennessee

Turfgrass Association.

Neil says he and his family

have always had a dream of living

out west and that he has fulfilled

that dream with this job. He

says he came out to Vernal and

fell in love with the community,

scenery, and the small town


“We are excited to have

someone with the education

and experience that Neil has

brought to the district,” says Dan

Rodgerson, executive director

“Now that the Community

Center is complete, we expect

Neil to assist us with making the

rest of our parks as impressive

as the center.”

The Uintah Recreation District

is a special service district formed

to provide recreation to the

people of Vernal and surrounding


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D. Rodgerson


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