Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Contractor Named in Uintah Recreation Project - Dan Rodgerson

"Layton Construction from the Wasatch Front is handling construction," Rodgerson
says. "They are experienced in building recreational facilities. They've built maybe three or so
others." Once finished, Vernal's Recreation Center will boast an indoor lap pool, a leisure pool
with slides and water toys, and a'25-foot climbing wall. "The climbing wall will be a central
architectural feature in the lobby of the Rec Center," says Dan Rodgerson. There will also be
a double gym that divides into four separate floors for multiple games at once, a running track,
various party rooms, aerobic and dance floors, exercise rooms, a childcare facility and a public
conference room. Dan Rodgerson noted that the "second floor area of the running track is called a 'cardio-balcony,' because of the equipment and track up there. The track runs around the perimeter of the building." Doug Miller, project superintendent, adds, "The track circuit is about 0.12 mile. I think you have to walk around it twelve times to cover a mile."

Eventually, the entirety of the 80 acre recreational parcel will be developed with softball diamonds, soccer fields and other outdoor sports areas. For now, the 5-acre footprint of the Recreation Center building is the focus of construction efforts.

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