Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Community Center Funding - Dan Rodgerson

The funding is in part the savings of the Parks and Recreation Department, and part the $7 million, 30-year interest free grant from the Community Impact Board. This is not free money Rodgerson emphasized. The grant will be paid partially in the pledging of mineral lease funds for 15 years. Rodgerson explained that the escalation in these mineral lease funds has brought a lot of attention to probably the best funded Park and Recreation Department in the nation. He says he is aware that these funds will be diversified in the future. "We support every step of the way because we feel funds may be threatened if not diversified," Rodgerson said. "However we are very anxious to find out more details ." The details for the amenities of the Recreation Center
are still being finalized, including details of the rock climbing wall and a dinosaur climbing


Daniel Rodgerson

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