Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Community Center Staffing - Dan Rodgerson

The district plans to advertise

for these positions in coordination

with the estimated construction

completion deadline. In

addition, the district will hire

approximately 75 to 100 additional

staff for positions such

as lifeguards, swim instructors,

cashiers, fitness instructors,

janitors, child care attendants

and climbing wall attendants.

“We anticipate the same

challenge as everyone else in

the community in regards to

fi nding quality staff, but feel the

center will be a fun environment

to work. A particular challenge

will be finding lifeguards, since

the new aquatics area is more

than twice the size of our current

pool,” said Dan Rodgerson.

For additional information

regarding the center contact the

recreation district at 781-0982.

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Dan Rodgerson

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